Monday, October 5, 2015


A dissipating breeze blows around,
The strings that moved the hands vanish,
A chill of comfort, a pleasant atmosphere,
A world of unknown stares.

A spectator, a witness, never the protagonist,
A searcher, a wanderer, never the settler,
A free bird in the shadows of cold,
A mindless muse flying far abroad.

Searching for the meaning, that ties it all,
Searching for the calling, that's a cause to stay,
Can the vagabond ever be the settler?
Can the true passion ever be found?

If only the magic could fill the insides,
If only the power could yield some tricks,
If only the search could end some day
If only the heart could beat some more.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Time of my Life...

Lying vacuously on the soft, wet grass,
staring with awe at the mysterious dark sky,
a vast space with infinite masses,
a vast space with infinite souls.

And the time should stop and freeze all,
so I can touch the rain drops, and hold them still,
in the palm of my hand, I can pause and wonder,
I can look around, only me in animation.

I can walk all around, I can touch and go,
with no one looking, and no one to answer to,
I can appear and disappear, I can be here, and there too,
and the whole world is my own, and no one owns a thing.

And the time should freeze all, and every living soul that is,
so I can walk amidst the suspended blobs,
so I can feel the time uninterrupted,
so I can feel all that there is to feel, so I can see all there is to see,
so I can be all there is to be, so I can breathe all there is to breathe,
with no worries of losing time, not one moment being wasted,
coz time is on my side this time, and not a minute shall pass any more,
and I can breathe the germinating life in me, and I can breathe the lost freedom in me,
I can breathe the healed soul in me, and I can breathe the magical essence of me,
and I can breathe... if only the time would freeze...
if only the time would freeze...