Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Stars... they shine so bright...

"Do you think we could stay here forever? Gazing at the stars?" she asked him with a smile on her face and wet eyes, nestled into his arms, lying on the dewy, soft, green grass in the cold, breezy night.

"I think so, if that's what you want, yes," he replied, kissing her forehead and hugging her more into himself.

"That's exactly what I want," and she looked into his eyes. She didn't know him, yet she knew he means something to her.

There was so much that she wasn't telling him. But she didn't need to. He understood exactly what her eyes were masking. She wanted that. She yearned for that all her life. To be understood. To be understood down to her deepest thought, her deepest soul.

She looked away, and he made her rest her head on his chest, cuddling her, protecting her, caring for her, giving her warmth. Stripping her of her worries, he wanted her to be at peace, he wanted her to experience happiness.

"Good things always come to an end," she said as a matter-of-fact.

"Do you think the stars will shine tomorrow as bright as they are today?"

"Why wouldn't they, love?"

"Coz they aren't real, just like you're not," she looked at him and smiled, as he vapourised into thin air, leaving her alone, on her bed, on a dark gloomy day. She woke up from her dream.

Friday, March 4, 2016

No name, no face...

When all is cold, as far as she could see,
music (like this) makes her soul breathe new air,
she sees the world, she sees closer,
she sees the disappointment that she failed to see earlier,
years of investment, all for naught,
years of efforts, all in vain,
a faint air of disgust fills her soul,
she knows what she must do, she can't be trapped.

No glue in the world can hold the fragments,
that she's made up of, barely sealed by her soul,
a thin line holds her back, from crashing everything down,
she's aware of the choice she makes, in every one of those moments,
where she chooses to go on, instead of destroying,
where she knows she knows better, than to waste away time.

How ironic can life be?
When she didn't care if she was alone, she needed no one,
she had people she could count on,
and now, when strings seem to fade away, every single one,
she screams under her breath, to be heard,
she witnesses this time, but there's no name, no face, that she can recall,
with whom she can share, share the dealings of her life.

She's been disappointed, she's been let down,
that is the way of life, but that is not what she's worried about,
she is cold, but she doesn't want to turn inhuman, just yet,
she knows there's no turning back, once she becomes that,
she knows she doesn't feel much, except what she sees,
except what she hears, except what she's been given.

With (this) music in her heart, her eyes well up,
she smiles in pain, for she knows her end,
if only she could live once, before she could die,
she doesn't want to stop living, while she is alive,
her pride's been crushed, her luck's been robbed,
with every subsequent hurdle, she's been reduced to a silhouette,
she can hope all she wants, for a positive day some day,
but may be some people are not blessed with that,
she walks on the path of nowhere, stuck in a loop,
walking on a barren land, devoid of emotion inside,
devoid of understanding from outsiders, devoid of time for her,
lifetime's treasures, have been reduced to nothing,
it's time to walk away, from all that she created,
it's time to leave behind, the life she had,
and that one moment can decide everything,
that one impulsive moment, when she cries, 'enough',
she's not there just yet, she's not there just yet,
but she will be soon, she knows she will be.